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What is mSpy?

mSpy coupon code mSpy is the answer to be free of worries from your home to your office. mSpy is a cell phone and tablet spyware to protect your loved-ones at home and to protect your company from unwanted behavior. mSpy comes in two versions. One is the home version which has state-of-the-art features so you can be sure your children and loved ones are protected online and offline as it identifies and prevents any harmful instances. The second version is its business version to stop data leaks or any unwanted behavior in the office. It allows you to check what your employees are doing and to monitor their productivity.

mSpy operates invisibly and provides you with across-the-board logging features allowing you to remotely track all activities on the monitored phone.

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mSpy Features

This cell phone tracking software is reliable and user-friendly packed with the following features.

- Spy on calls: this feature lets you view all incoming/outgoing calls. You can know the call duration and the time of the call. It also allows you to record calls on a selected phone number.

- Spy on Emails: This application allows you to monitor whether or not your employees are wasting time writing personal emails. It also protects your children from online predators.

- Track GPS Location: This feature allows you to monitor where your children or employees so you would know if they are really where they said they are.

- Check Internet Use: This application allows you to see what websites are the users of the phone or tablet is going. You can view their browsing history.

- Access Calendar and Address Book: You can view all contacts registered in the phone address book and see what is in the phone’s calendar.

- Intercept IMs: This application lets you record activities from Viber, Skype, iMessage and WhatsApp messaging services on the phone. With this feature you can look over Facebook chats and learn the frequency and the content of text messages.

- Record Surroundings: You can turn on this feature to know what is happening when you are not there.

- Control Apps and Programs: This feature is use to identify what apps and programs the phone can only access to ensure correct usage.

- View Multimedia files: Allows you to view any photos or videos saved on the target phone. Recorded files are directly uploaded to your mSpy account.

- Remote Control: This application allows you to remotely delete any data on the phone or lock the device to protect important and confidential data.

- Analyze It: This feature generates reports so you can monitor many cell phones at once.

Benefits of mSpy

Looking at the features of mSpy already gives you what benefits you can get from this cell phone spy software. This will help you protect your children from online and offline threats. It will give you peace of mind knowing where your children are when you are not with them. mSpy for your business also makes sure that phone is being used correctly, to ensure productivity, cost-efficiency and to monitor your employees are doing what they are supposed to do. It gives you control over situations that are normally beyond your control.

Who Need mSpy?

mSpy is recommended for those who want to have that security on their children’s safety. It is also for those who want to ensure productivity with their employee’s phone usage.

This phone and tablet tracker is compatible with most Android mobile phones and tablets, iOs mobile phones and tablets, Blackberry and Symbian mobile devices. You can check mSpy’s website for compatible devices for the software.

For the price of only $29.99 to start per month, mSpy is worth the price. You can have a more peace of mind. You can avail of it for less with our exclusive mSpy discount coupon code.

mSpy Discount Coupon – Premium License (12-month)

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